How to become a franchise partner

How to become a franchise partner
Continue the “3 Goldenen Kugeln” success story together with us and become our franchisee!


What you need
You need investment in the amount of €450,000 to €600,000, €250,000 to €300,000 of which should be freely available. This allows you to build the whole restaurant (kitchen, bar, air conditioning etc.), which seats about 130 to 180.

  • Initial fee
  • Franchise fee
    3% of net sales (monthly)
  • Advertising pool fee
    1 to 2% of net sales (monthly), tailored to your restaurant
  • Contract duration
    20 years including territorial protection
  • Location
    The location is selected in consultation with us



What you get
Many years of experience in system catering, a very successful concept, our proven expertise, constantly developed range and of course personal support.