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Flower Decoration

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Hearty and traditional cooking

Our Zu den 3 Goldenen Kugeln restaurants are and will remain a family business. As restaurateurs, we are passionate about good home cooking that’s traditional Styrian and served with a smile. The quality and freshness of our dishes is as important to us as a warm and cosy atmosphere in which our guests feel at home.


It all started with the restaurant at Heinrichstraße: We went there as guests and had no restaurant trade experience. Because we liked the food so much, we got talking to the owner at the time. And so it happened that the business was eventually transferred to us in the form of a life annuity. At the first Zu den 3 Goldenen Kugeln restaurant we learned everything about the restaurant trade from the ground up. This is where our culinary adventure started, and years later we can proudly look back on 14 branches throughout Austria.


Cohesion and teamwork are among our core values. Even though everyone has their own area of responsibility, all members of the Stangl family pull together to solve problems and discuss new ideas.

And ultimately, the only dishes that make it onto our menu are the ones we like ourselves! The one ingredient they all share is being true to ourselves and our values.

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The Landlords
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Preparation of a Schnitzel with lemon slice
Flower Decoration
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Flower Decoration
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